Safe Travel During Pregnancy


Pregnant women may need to travel but traveling in their condition may pose a challenge. It is, therefore, important that you know the do and don’ts involved to protect your comfort and safety as well as that of the unborn baby. Pregnant women are at a risk of developing complications from infections which in turn affects the fetus.

Preparations for safe travel for pregnant women

Consult your gynecologisttravelgyneeeeeeeeeeeee

Pregnancy usually comes with numerous complications such as hypertension, gestational diabetes or ruptured placenta. Some conditions worsen when traveling by plane. It is important for women who have had previous miscarriages, fetal loss, premature delivery or other health problems to consult with their gynecology before they plan to travel. Expectant women should find it vital to discuss with their health care provider the length of the trip, destination, activities they plan to engage in and the medical care available in the other country.

Wise planning

It can be very uncomfortable to have a long haul flight during pregnancy. Therefore, choosing a destination within 2-3 hour flight is ideal. Traveling to areas of altitudes above eight thousand feet is not advisable since oxygen level at these points is low and can cause sickness. Due to nausea and tiredness experienced during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, traveling during this time is discouraged. Traveling during the last months can also be tiring thus the best time to travel when the pregnancy is from the fourth to the sixth month.

Ask about restrictions

Some airlines usually prohibit pregnant women from traveling without the consent of a physician in written form. Some may even require that you have a midwife close to you if you are closer to your delivery date. To travel safely, it is wise to ask about the airline’s restrictions for pregnant women.

Drink water in plenty

Water plays a vital part in the healthy growth and development of your fetus. Water also helps in forming the placenta as well as serving as a source of nutrients for the baby during pregnancy. Drinking a lot of water will make you avoid dehydration while traveling.

Perform exercises

Reducing swtravelwalkkkkkkkkkkkelling and discomfort during your flight is important. Deep vein thrombosis is one of the greatest risks when traveling during pregnancy. Doing small exercises like flexing your knees, stretching your calves and rolling your ankles can reduce swellings, cramps as well as stiffness.

Care should be taken when pregnant women travel for the good of the fetus and the mother as well. Put these factors into consideration next time you travel to ensure safe travel.

Household Chores And Weight Loss


Exercising is an effective way of losing weight and improving your overall health. Many people, however, do not often exercise due to the hectic schedules that they have. Lack of time ought not to be an excuse for living a sedentary life that can lead to diabetes, obesity and heart problems. You can simply burn calories by undertaking your daily chores. The calories you burn down will depend however on factors like speed and intensity as well as the type of activity.

Top household chores that will help you lose weight

Cleaning and tidying the housechorescleeeeeeeeeeeeea

Tidying and maintaining your household is regarded a workout. Dedicating an hour each day to make beds, clean the cabinets and crannies, bending to pick things from the floor and general tidying activities can help in weight loss. Dusting the house is good for toning both the upper and lower muscles of the arm. Forward lunges while vacuuming help with toning the hip and thigh muscles. Taking time to clean doors and windows is a great way to work on your glutes and abs.

Doing laundry

Doing laundry by hand rather than putting the clothes in the washing machine is another excellent exercise. Rubbing your clothes soaked in detergent for twenty minutes, rinsing then squeezing them and hanging in the sun give the hands and arms a good workout. Ironing the clothes when they dry up while standing on the ironing board and pressing down firmly helps in toning muscles of the upper part of the body.


Gardening work well as a powerhouse of fitness to help drop excess pounds and maintain your weight. When in the garden digging the soil, mixing manure and watering plants, you make use of both the upper and lower body parts. Frequent squatting and standing are also experienced, and this too is good for your health. Your arms, calves, shoulders and thighs are also put to task when gardening. It also raises your heart rate thereby strengthening your cardiovascular system.

Car washing

For those whchorescaaaaaaaaaaaar o own cars, just keeping your car clean by washing is a way of losing weight. Rubbing your car surface to remove dirt, scrubbing the sections with a sponge then rinsing the soap away require energy and time. This will work on your abdominal, core, legs and arms muscles since you perform sweeping motions during this task. It could also involve squats and lunges that tone your legs. Try out this once a week to maintain your weight.

Weight loss is a major problem to people who live a sedentary life. Most people lack time to do barely any exercise. These household chores help you work on your weight without having to go to the field for exercise.