Tips for planning an ugly christmas sweater party

Christmas dining table

Planning Christmas parties is a cumbersome and tedious task even for the best event planners around. The difficulty is further heightened by the overwhelming obligation to match everyone’s demands and meet the varied expectations of the attendees. When you invite people to a themed party, you create an idea of what to expect and this lays a burden on you as the planner to fulfill those expectations. Hereunder we shall discuss basic tips for planning an ugly Christmas sweater party or contest.

The sweaterstoy figures for Christmas

The design of the sweaters can either be crazy or tamed but it is recommended that you go for the crazy since it provokes excitement and therefore sets the mood for the party.  Once you find the ideal ugly Christmas sweater for your party, you can share the design with the attendees or recommend the shop for them to access the sweaters.


Invitations are fundamental to the success of the party since they are the formal requests to attend and communication as to what the party will entail. Therefore invitations are imperative in determining the success or failure of a party. Through invitations, you are able to communicate the theme and the requirement to wear an ugly sweater. Every detail regarding time, venue, theme, and requests is made through the initial invitation.


Decorations are primarily based on the theme of the party such that every decoration represents a particular aspect of the theme. In this regard, when you are planning a party it is important to develop a concept that will determine the kind of decorations which will be appropriate for the Christmas sweater party.

Photo booth

dogs dressed for ChristmasAt the end of the day, ugly Christmas sweater parties are aimed at celebrating life and making memories. It is thus vital to ensure that you capture these moments as they happen and this can only be made possible by the creating a photo booth in which everyone can get in and take goofy pictures. Also, it is essential to have props which are meant to enhance the general look of the booth for better portraits.

Games and awards

Christmas sweater parties are characterized by various games which are aimed at helping unfamiliar participants to bond and socialize. When games are coupled with awards, then they become more competitive and fun. If you are planning a Christmas sweater party then it is imperative that you research on games that are interactive and entertaining.…