Reasons for a Decline in Female Libido

low female libido

Low libido is a condition that affects both men and women. It is normally characterized by a lack of desire for intimacy. This has affected so many relationships. Female libido is less discussed compared to that of their male counterparts. There are different solutions to this condition that can help you regain the urge to enjoy intimacy.

A perfect example is libido pills for women, which work in a special way to help women develop the urge needed for intimacy. There are several that lower female libido, which we will cover in this article.

Reasons for the Decline in Female Sexuality

It is worth dwelling in more detail on the reasons for the decline in female libido. This aspect is most fully revealed when explained from the point of view of several scientific disciplines: psychology, sexology, and physiology.

Psychological Reasons

low female libidoThe psychological component of female sexuality determines which object the sexual attraction will be directed to, how it will be realized, and with what emotions it will be colored. This is an important point in determining the specific erogenous zones, the nature of sensuality, and, ultimately, in achieving orgasm.

Various psycho social factors negatively affect the formation and functioning of female libido:

  • puritanical upbringing or upbringing in conflict families;
  • unprepared and uninformed psychosexual debut;
  • disharmonious relationship with a partner;
  • the presence of unfavorable social conditions;
  • stress, depression, anxiety;
  • fear of unwanted pregnancy;
  • expectation of negative consequences from intimacy.

Sometimes these reasons are so important that they can completely suppress sexual libido.

Hormonal Factors

The basis of female libido is the neuroendocrine system, which ensures the excitability of the corresponding nerve structures responsible for the motivation and implementation of sexual reactions, as well as creating the energy supply of these processes. Doctors note that the greatest impact in this area is exerted by ovarian hormones, or, as they are also called, sex hormones, the balance of which is especially important

  • Femininity, sensuality, and, in general, the flow of female sexual reactions provides the level of estrogen, namely estradiol. Therefore, its lack deprives the fairer sex of many charming features and also worsens the state of the reproductive systems of the body.
  • Androgens,female libido such as testosterone have a direct impact on female libido and its motivation (sexual fantasies, sexual interest, and, getting an orgasm). Insufficient testosterone production leads to a decrease in the desire for intimacy, adversely affects the general mood and activity.
  • An important place in the formation of female sexuality belongs to progesterone, which can have a double effect. A noticeable physiological increase in the level of progesterone in the second half of the menstrual cycle contributes to the maximum sexuality of a woman. However, the effect of progesterone with a slow increase in its background (which occurs during pregnancy) is the opposite and reduces libido.

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